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Seaside Pool

Define your own paradise! Let it be a great swim in a high quality saltwater swimming pool, walk by the beach and feel the sea, or just chill beside the sea and enjoy our bar. We have got you covered at Zand Morada. At night enjoy our gorgeous lights from our swimming pool.

Zand Spa @ Zand Morada

Gift yourself with a day of treats, recharge your energy and reboot your soul with Del Mar Spa. We offer you our most relax massage therapy that would melt all your stress away and bring back your full self. Complete your most getaway experience with our unremarkable comforting and stress free atmosphere surrounded by ocean front views that will melt all your stress away ever further.


Just because your daily routine changes while you’re on the road, doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to. Zand Morada’s gym is fully outfitted with everything you need to stay healthy and active while travelling. Our fitness center offers treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes as well as strength equipment.

Grand Zand Meeting Room

Zand Morada’s meeting room can easily accommodate for 50-80 people, so it is ideal for having business meetings or even large functions such a party or an event. The room is equipped with wifi, a LCD projector, flip chart, markers, microphones, and other presentation tools. (*Please let us know in advance if you would like to make a reservation of our meeting room. We can arrange seating, prepare buffet for guests, outsource decoration, and help make sure the space is ready for whatever function you would like to use it for.)